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Billing itself as a site “Where sexy singles meet”, is open to people of all ages and from all backgrounds. The main page of the site is the first page of registration for new members, asking what age range you are looking for matches in, your gender, the gender you are interested in, and what country you are in. After clicking the ‘Create My Free Account’ button, you are told how many matches fit that description, and given forms to fill out for your username, password, email, birthday, and location. There is also a drop down box for “I am a…” providing gender options as well as a “Couple” option. After filling out these forms, you’re sent a verification email to the address provided – to continue on the site, you have to type in the code sent to you or click the ‘ACTIVATE NOW’ link in the email.

Doing this registers you with the DateLink network, but to search on you have to complete your profile first. This consists of three pages of profile creation with a chance to review at the end. The first page is a battery of multiple-choice questions, covering all the basics, like physical attributes, occupation, etc. The last part of the first page is a ‘headline’ section and a field to write a little bit about yourself to pique interest from your potential partners.

Page two is a personality page, made up of a series of questions and fill in the blanks. The sections range from pets to turn ons and turn offs, as well as some more standard questions about political and religious views. The last page of your profile completion is about your matches; basically filling out page one’s content for your match, with a narrative question at the end about your ideal match. Each section (with the exception of the last) also asks how important each trait is when finding a match, giving you three degrees to choose from, staring with “Not Very” to “Absolutely”. With all three pages complete, you are taken to the overview of your profile, and given an opportunity to upload your photo. Like most sites, you can email it in if needed – there are also a lot of tips and tricks to getting attention with your photo, something many sites leave out.

Once your profile is built you can use the site’s search features. You can save searches and be provided with weekly emails that give you updates on the list of people you previously searched for and any new members who fit those criteria. As far as the searches themselves, there are a number of options available to any user. There is a detailed search option that lets you use each and every field of the profile to search; you can filter people for anything, from what languages they speak up to the smoking and drinking behavior of the individual. A keyword search lets you look for profiles that have certain phrases or specific words in their headline or profile narrative. This page also lets you filter results by age and lets you specify the country you want to search as well as the “Created / Updated” parameter of their profile. A personality search allows you to search based on the “About My Personality” section of the profile, and there is an auto matching service that automatically filters who seems most relevant to your interests in your local area.

Until you are a paid member with the site, you are unable to click on any of the profiles to view on them, and doing so will simply take you to a page that informs you of the various benefits of full membership: access to all searches, email, and chat features. is a fully featured website with lots of options for anyone who is looking for a match out on the World Wide Web, regardless of age or background. Sign up for a free trial now and find out what the site offers for you!


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